Team – Join Contract


Carlos Cercós
Founding Partner

Born in Valencia, he earned his degree in Law from the University of Valencia in 1994.
He began his professional career in 1995 in the family business of furniture manufacturing. He managed the production department for three years, then acted as director of the company for five years. Then, he created a company within the family group that was dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of hotel furniture, until 2008, when he founded Join Contract together with Óscar Nacher.
Extensive experience in team management and hotel project management.

Óscar Nacher
Founding Partner

Born in Valencia, he earned his degree in Chemistry from the University of Valencia. His business experience began with some of the top companies in the industrial and e-commerce sectors. He developed the managerial experience at leading companies in the furniture sector and as Director of Kinépolis Valencia.
He founded Join Contract in 2008 together with Carlos Cercós.

Sergio Pérez
Chief Executive Officer

Born in Alicante, Architect, Master in Industrialisation and Architectural Prefabrication and Master of Executive Business Administration.
More than 10 years of experience in composing, directing, managing, and executing works, for construction projects as well as hotel refurbishing projects. Expert in management in companies related to architecture and construction services.

Guillermo Stuyck
Director of Expansion and Development

Born in Valencia, with a Law Degree from the University of Valencia; IESE MBA in Business Management in Barcelona from the University of Navarra.
More than 25 years of experience in the real estate sector, specialising in the tertiary sector (commercial, offices, and hospitality). He has worked for leading national and multinational companies.
Functionally speaking, he has managed large teams as a director and promoter of shopping centres.
In his public life, he has directed the Delegation of the Valencian Community of the AECC (Asociación Española de Centros Comerciales [Spanish Association of Shopping Centres]) and has been a member of the Observatorio de Comercio Valenciano [Valencian Trade Watch].

Sergio Torrecillas
Chief Financial Officer

Born in Valencia, he earned his degree in Administration and Business Management from the University of Valencia. Master in Finance from the CEF.
He has held financial management positions for more than 10 years in leading business groups in the retail and industrial sectors. He has also worked as a financial consultant. He has experience in treasury management, banking negotiation, and management of large administration departments.

Victor Baggetto
Director of Production, Works, and Contracting
Born in Valencia, Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Over 9 years of experience in business consulting project management, with experience in the control and management of works produced by construction companies.